BDSM Bizarre Bondage

Painful deep throating

It’s not that it bothered to be completely spreaded in bondage, but what really hurt her were huge suction cups on her tits. And then he came with his huge cock and started to deep throat on her and she had to take it deeper and deeper in her mouth.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage

Strapped up and waiting

His orders were to strip down completely naked and lay down on his special torture table. Then he strapped her from head to toe to that torture table and she couldn’t move anywhere. And then he just left the room…

BDSM Bizarre Torture

Needle pussy torture

Her pussy piercings which she devoted to her Master were a nice preparation for every other pussy torture. Master really enjoys to play with his slave’s pussy in many painful ways as you can see from this picture.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage Torture

Lesbian Bondage and Electro Pussy Torture

Tight ropes and ball gag kept this slut still and silent. Blonde Mistress in latex grabbed out her electro torture device and started to attach the wires around the slave’s pussy. Just imagine her fear when she thought what could happen to her young fresh pussy if Mistress would exaggerate with electricity.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage

Extremely tight leather bondage sex

Completely tied with leather belts on a metal cage she was forced to be still and quiet. She was helpless and vulnerable and there was nothing she could do but wait what will her Master do. There was no painful torment this time, but extremely rough bondage sex.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage Fetish

Hot lesbian MILF in leather and her new young slave in bondage

Bondage and leather go quite well together no matter on which side they are on, either Dominant or submissive. This hot MILF got her hands on a young and inexperienced submissive girl who was willing to be her slave. She has found herself naked and helpless and forced to obey and serve.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage Torture

Naked slave tied and tortured in extreme position

All she could do was screaming but there was no one in this deep and dark basement to hear her screams. Even the gag was not needed in this situation so the Sadistic Master enjoyed hearing her scream when he was playing with her.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage

Public Bondage Sex in the City

There is no place where bondage sex couldn’t be good, even under the bridge at the peek hours in the busy city like you can see in the picture above.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage

Young blonde slave spreaded and fucked in bondage

Here we go again… This 18 year old naive slut met her father’s friend in the neighborhood and accepted his invitation to his place for a coffee, but what she didn’t count on was that the same father’s friend is an old perv who wanted her fresh young pussy.

BDSM Bizarre Bondage Torture

Leather Device Bondage and Extreme Pussy Torture

Tight leather belts didn’t want to let her body move anywhere. She couldn’t move or speak, but the pain from her pussy and her tits was way too intense to keep still.

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